Describing Behaviour

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Exercise. Make your choice

1. Dave wants to do well in life. He sets goals for himself and is very _______.

a) aggressive
b) ambitious
c) bossy

2. Don't tell her she's great at her job. She's _______ enough already!

a) bossy
b) clever
c) big-headed

3. He won't listen to people who haven't gone to university. He's so _______.

a) arrogant
b) assertive
c) argumentative

4. Louise is a _______ student and always hands in her homework on time.

a) conscientious
b) considerate
c) curious

5. Sue is a very _______ colleague. She always asks people first if she can open the window.

a) cautious
b) considerate
c) catty

6. Can I be _______ and ask you for some more cake? It's delicious!

a) careless
b) cheeky
c) charming

7. She made a _______ remark about Donna being fat. I think she's jealous, actually.

a) catty
b) conceited
c) coy

8. Don's very _______ about his new job. He loves it and thinks his colleagues are great.

a) dogmatic
b) enthusiastic
c) excitable

9. Because his voice is so loud it's easy for him to sound _______.

a) docile
b) dogmatic
c) domineering

10. Don't keep changing your mind all the time. People will think you're _______.

a) flaky
b) extroverted
c) funny

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11. Tony is such a _______ eater. He refuses to eat most vegetables.

a) fussy
b) fickle
c) flaky

12. He’s so _______ - he thinks everyone should admire him.

a) conceited
b) considerate
c) cautious

13. It's a bit _______ to apply for the first job you see. It's a better idea to think about your choices first.

a) impulsive
b) inventive
c) irritating

14. It's difficult to know how Frank will react in any situation. He's quite _______ and you never know if he's going to be in a good or a bad temper.

a) moody
b) manic
c) loud-mouthed

15. He's so _______. He doesn't even have a mobile phone.

a) loyal
b) old-fashioned
c) manipulative

16. His driving makes me feel _______. He always drives too fast.

a) nervous
b) manic
c) moody

17. It's _______ to hold the door open for someone.

a) polite
b) picky
c) passive

18. Joe is so _______. He's always leaving things he needs at home.

a) pragmatic
b) scatter-brained
c) sly

19. He asked you to work late then didn't offer you a lift home? That was a bit _______ of him - especially as you live so near.

a) thoughtful
b) thoughtless
c) trustworthy

20. Why is she in such a _______ mood? She hasn't smiled once this morning!

a) grumpy
b) inconsiderate
c) introverted

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