Family Vocabulary

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Test: talking about family

1. How many ______ do you have?

a) sons
b) children
c) family

2. She is ______ child.

a) only
b) a so
c) an only

3. She is the oldest of four ______.

a) sons
b) siblings
c) child

4. My sister's daughter is my ______.

a) niece
b) nephew
c) aunt

5. Jane doesn't like her ______, who married her daughter last year.

a) son
b) father-in-law
c) son-in-law

6. John was excited when his daughter said she was pregnant. He always wanted a ______.

a) nephew
b) grandchild
a) stepmother

7. Julie always got on well with Ruth, her ______. She knew her father was happy again.

a) stepmother
b) mother-in-law
c) sister

8. In addition, Julie was happy to have a new ______, Ruth's daughter.

a) sister
b) step-sister
c) cousin

9. Lucy is a ______. Many of her daughter's school friends also only live w ith one parent.

a) single mother
b) half sister
c) stepsister

10. Their family is ______. They all get on well with each other.

a) extended
b) close-knit
c) nuclear

11. You can see a family ______ between David and Daniel.

a) relationship
b) sameness
c) resemblance

12. She wants to ______ a family as soon as possible.

a) start
b) make
c) create

13. He has an unusual ______.

a) family size
b) family name
c) family value

14. She is ______ from her family. She hasn't spoken to them in years.

a) cut
b) apart
c) estranged

15. Her father ______ without a penny.

a) estranged her
b) cut her off
c) cut her away

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