Planning Holiday

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Test: talking about holiday

1. Did you book your holiday yourself, or through a ______?

a) estate agent
b) holiday agent
c) travel agent

2. They almost always choose a ______.

a) package break
b) package holiday
c) package tour

3. Before you go on holiday, buy a ______.

a) guide book
b) guided visit
c) tour

4. She always sends me a ______ when she goes on holiday.

a) card
b) letter
c) postcard

5. Make sure you get some ______ before you leave.

a) foreign coins
b) local currency
c) national money

6. When I'm at the beach I like to ______.

a) sunbath
b) sunbathe
c) take a sunbath

7. I also like to ______ in the sea.

a) bath
b) swim
c) take a bath

8. My husband wore his new ______ on the beach.

a) bathing costume
b) swimming costume
c) swimming trunks

9. I like to relax on a ______by the hotel swimming pool.

a) divan
b) sun bed
c) sun-lounger

10. Children love to build ______ on the beach!

a) sandcastles
b) sandhouses
c) sandtowers

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