Acquaintance (знакомство)

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1. Welcome.
2. What is your name?
3. I am...
4. My name is...
5. My surname is...
6. What is his name?
7. What is her name?
8. Her name is...
9. I would like you to meet...
10. Let me introduce my husband.
11. Let me introduce my wife.
12. Let me introduce my friend.
13. Let me introduce my girlfriend.
14. Let me introduce Mr....
15. Let me introduce you to him.
16. May I introduce myself.
17. We've met before.
18. I don't think we have met before.
19. I know you.
20. Have you met?
21. I want you to meet Mrs....
22. Have you met Mrs....?
23. Pleased to meet you
24. I am glad to meet you.
25. Very pleased!
26. Mister..., I believe?