Age, appearance (возраст, внешность)

1. I'm seventeen.
2. I'm forty-four.
3. When were you born?
4. How tall are you?
5. I was born in 1979.
6. What does he look like?
7. When was your wife born?
8. I'm thirty.
9. She has dark-blue eyes.
10. He has dark hair.
11. She has brown eyes.
12. Today is my birthday.
13. Her hair is short and wavy.
14. What is your weight? / How much do you weigh?
15. My birthday is very soon.
16. Her eyes are green.
17. You certainly don't look your age.
18. He is a good-looking man.
19. Who's that elderly lady?
20. You are three years older/younger than me.
21. You are quite sunburnt.
22. She is middle-aged.
23. I'm twenty-five.
24. She is tall and well-balanced.
25. How old are you?
28. She is a pretty girl.
27. He has fair hair.