Congratulations and wishes (поздравления и пожелания)

1. Happy landing!
2. Happy New Year
3. To friendship!
4. I wish you every success!
5. I wish you luck!
6. All the best!
7. May all your dreams come true!
8. Thank you for your congratulations!
9. I wish you health!
10. I hope you have a good rest!
11. Have a good journey!
12. To co-operation!
13. Happy birthday to you!
14. My best wishes!
15. I wish you happiness!
16. Merry Christmas!
17. Cheerio!
18. I hope you have a good time!
19. Here's to you!
20. My congratulations to you!
21. Good luck!
22. I congratulate you on your birthday!
23. I hope you have a good holiday!
24. Have a good time!
25. I congratulate you on the holiday!