Driving_a_car (вождение автомобиля)

The motor will not get started.
Am I on the right road for ...?
I'd like to rent a car for a week.
How much is the rent of a car per day?
Which road should we take?
Where are we now?
Fill it up with 5 gallons of petrol.
I need an evacuator car.
How many kilometres/miles is it to ....?
Change the oil.
Check this.
How much is an hour of parking?
How much will it cost?
The speed limit here is ninety km her hour.
We need a mechanic.
Where is the nearest petrol/gas station?
Can you take me on a tow?
How much time will it take to repair it?
What car would you advise?
Is there a speed limit?
How can I drive to ....?
Give me, please, twenty litres.
I want to rent a car for two days.
Where can I buy a map of the car roads?
Where can we park?
Sorry, may I park here?
Will you show me on the map?
I need oil.
Can you repair/fix it?
I don't know the reason.
What cars do you have?
Something is wrong with my car.