Family, relation (семья, родственники)

It's his bride.
It's my sister-in-law.
I have two children.
It's my father-in-law.
She is a spinster/old maiden.
Do you have children?
Are you married?
No, I'm single.
It's her nephew.
I am married.
They are my close/distant relatives.
How many children do they have?
I have no sister/brother.
He is a widower.
It's my mother-in-law.
She is a widow.
I have a brother/sister.
I have no chidren.
It's my husband.
They are my nieces.
It's her fiance.
I have many relatives: two brothers and a sister, several cousins.
Do you have a sister/brother?
She divorced her husband.
It's my son-in-law.
It's my ...
They have two children: a daughter and a son.