Health (здоровье)

I have high temperature.
I'm tired.
I have medical insurance.
Is there a doctor in the hotel?
You should consult your doctor.
I don't feel well.
Where is the nearest hospital?
You look pale.
I have a constipation.
I have a toothache.
I had vomiting.
How are you?
Please, call me a doctor.
I have a chill.
He is short sighted.
I have an ache in the stomach.
I think there's nothing serious.
I didn't sleep enough last night.
I have a pain here.
I have diarrhea.
I have a running nose.
I'm better today, thank you.
I have a cough.
I broke my leg.
I feel sick.
What troubles you?
I need a doctor.
I'm going to prescribe you some pills.
I have a headache.
Take this three times a day after meals.
I have a sore throat.
I have a cold.
When will the doctor come?