Отель (гостиница)

How much is the charge for the room?
Will you show me up to my room, please?
Is there a refrigerator in the room?
Your name?
My name is ...
Will that suit you?
Is there a safe in the room?
What kind of room do you want?
I (We) need a hotel not far from the town centre.
Is there a conditioner in the room?
I want a single/ double room.
Is there a mini-bar in the room?
How long are you going to stay?
I'll stay here for some days.
Have you booked a room, sir?
I'm looking for a clean and cheap hotel room.
Can you wake me up at 5:30, please.
Sign your name.
Have you any accommodations?
I'll stay here for a day.
Is there a TV set in the room?
I need a better room.
Here is my passport.
I'm afraid, every room is taken.
I'll stay here for two weeks.
Your room is number 25, and here is your key.
May I ask what the charge for the room is?
Will you, please, fill in this form.
Is there connection to the internet in the room?