English for Cabin Crew I Practice Test I Photocopiable © Oxford University Press

I. Communication - start now!

A. Choose the best response to each question or statement.

1. Could you help me get this bag into the locker?

Yes, I will.
Yes, you could.
Yes. of course.
Yes. I would like to.

2. The lady in 15C will need help getting out of her seat.

OK. Yes. I can.
OK, I'll take care of that.
OK, I will get her.
OK, I'm going to get her out.

3. Can I get my book from the overhead locker?

We are about to take off so you can't.
No, you can't. We are taking off in a few minutes.
The plane is about to take off. I'm afraid you'll have to wait.
No, I can't. We are about to take off.

4. I don't have any water on this meal tray.

I'm sorry, madam. I get it now.
I'm sorry, madam. I'll get you some now.
I'm sorry, madam. I am getting them now.
I'm sorry, madam. Now I will get some.

5. I feel very dizzy. I think I'm going to faint.

Don't try to get up.
Don't you get up.
You don't try to get up.
Try not getting up.

6. Is this kind of turbulence normal?

Yes. don't worry for it, sir.
Yes, absolutely is normal.
Yes, this is.
Yes, absolutely. There's no need to worry.

7. How long do you think we will be waiting here?

About half an hour long.
During half an hour.
Not long. Around thirty minutes.

8. Good morning. My name's Rob. I'm the purser for today.

Yes. good morning.
Pleased to meet you. Rob.
Yes. hello.
Hello, I'm happy to see you.

9. What's the weather like in Bangkok?

One minute. I will know it and tell you.
I will tell you when I have asked.
I am going to tell you soon.
I'll try and find out for you.

10. I see from your CV that you have worked in hotels before.

Yes, that's right.
Yes.I was.
Yes, I have worked.
Yes, I was in them before.