Foreign language (иностранный язык)

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Do you speak Dutch?
Just a little.
I only know a few words.
I don't speak Vietnamese.
My Romanian is very poor.
I don't understand you.
Repeat, please. / Say again, please.
I need an interpreter.
You speak good Spanish.
You speak English with a slight (strong) Russian accent.
You pronunciation of English is practically faultless.
What languages can/ do you speak?
Where did you learn English?
How long have you been learning English?
I've been learning it for almost three years.
Let's talk Russian.
What's that called in Russian?
What's the Russian word for '...'?
I can't remember the Russian for '...'.
Let's look up this word in my dictionary.
How do you spell it?
What does this word mean?
How do you pronounce it?
This is a slang word.