Money (деньги)

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Where is the nearest exchange office, please?
I want to exchange dollars for euro.
Where can I learn the exchange rate?
How much is the commission?
It is not quite enough.
Check up once more, please.
Here is my plastic card.
I'm short of money.
I have spent all my money.
I have only twelve dollars on me.
I have no change.
I have to borrow some money.
Can you lend me a hundred dollars?
I'm not ready to pay such a large sum.
Unfortunately, I've left my all money at home.
I'll try to save up some money.
I've spent over two hundred pounds this week on food.
The flight cost us a lot of money.
What does the expression hard currency mean?
You can get a loan.
VAT stands for ...
Many people prefer to use checks instead of cash.
Сhecks are not accepted for payment.
What currencies are used in Switzeland?