Nourishment, restaurant, cafe (питание, ресторан, кафе)

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1. Where can I have a bite here?
2. Where can I have lunch here?
3. Where can I have supper here?
4. Could you recommend a good restaurant?
5. I'm hungry.
6. I'm thirsty.
7. I feel like eating something.
8. What are we going to have for dinner today?
9. When did you have breakfast?
10. I hope this seat is vacant?
11. We need a table for four persons.
12. Waiter, can I have the menu?
13. Have you got a menu in Russian?
14. Have you made your choice?
15. I'll take the same.
16. Tell me what you would like to eat.
17. I've no appetite today.
18. Tell me what you would like to eat.
19. Would you like tea or coffee?
20. I'd prefer a cup of tea.
21. Do you take sugar or milk with your tea?
22. Pass me the salt please.
23. Won't you have some more coffee?
24. No, thank you. I've had enough.
25. No, thank you. I'm not hungry.
26. I would like to order ...
27. What do you want for dessert?
28. Bring me the bill, please.
29.Thank you, it was delicious.