Store, shopping (магазин, покупки)

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1. Would you like to go shopping?
2. I have to buy a lot of things.
3. Where is the shopping centre/ moll here?
4. Where is the market here?
5. How does the shop work on weekdays?
6. How does the shop work on weekends?
7. Can I help you?
8. At what time do you open/ close?
9. Does your shop make a tax free issue?
10. I want a packet of cigarettes.
11. What brand (cigarrets) do you take, sir?
12. Give me, please a lighter.
13. Will you help me to choose a gift for an elderly woman?
14. What size do you wear, please?
15. What size, please?
16. This is not my size.
17. This size fits OK.
18. Does it fit all right?
19. May I try it on?
20. I want some other colour.
21. Can you show me how it works?
22. How much does it cost?
23. What is the price of this ...?
24. It's very expensive/ cheap.
25. It seems to fit well.
26. Will you take it?
27. Sorry, we are short of it at the moment.
28. I'd like to pay cash.
29. Please, make a gift packing.
30. I need a larger/ smaller size.