Time (время)

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1. What's the time, please?
2. Could you tell me the right time, please.
3. What time is it?
4. What's the time?
5. It's five o'clock.
6. It's exactly six.
7. It's half past three.
8. It's a quarter past two.
9. Fifteen minutes to nine.
10. A quarter to eight.
11. It's five to seven.
12. It's five past seven.
13. It's twelve noon/(midnight).?
14. Oh, is it as late as that!
15. Is it nine already?
16. My watch is ten minutes slow/ fast.
17. My watch has stopped.
18. I don't know what time it is.
19. We have plenty of time.
20. We are short of time.
21. He's late today.
22. Am I too early?
23. You are late.
24. Hurry up!
25. Be quick!
26. What's the date today? / What date is it today?
27. What was the date yesterday? / What date was yesterday?
28. Today is the third of May.
29. What's today?
30. Today is Monday.