Travelling (путешествие)

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1. How can I get to ....?
2. What trains are there to ...?
3. What time does train number ... leave/ arrive?
4. When does the train arrive to ...?
5. Where do I have to change?
6. Where's the ticketing?
7. What platform does train number ... leave from?
8. How much does a ticket to ... cost?
9. How many days is my ticket valid?
10. Here is my ticket.
11. Is this place vacant?
12. This place is occupied.
13. I have been left behind the train.
14. Call the porter, please.
15. When is the next flight for ...?
16. Where does the plane stop on the way?
17. What's the fare to ...?
18. Please, give me two economy class tickets to ...
19. Here's my baggage.
20. I would like to take this bag with me.
21. What's the charge for excess baggage?
22. How long does the flight take?
23. When does the plane land in ...?
24. May I smoke here?
25. I feel sick.
26. Please, give me a paper bag.
27. I can't find my suitcase.
28. From what stand does my bus go?
29. When does the ship for ... sail?
30. Where can I buy tickets on the ship?
31. How long will the trip last?
32. From what terminal does the liner sail?
33. Where is cabin ...?
34. I am seasick.
35. Where can I buy a plan of the city?
36. Where is the bus station?