Weather (погода)

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1. What's the forecast for today?
2. What weather is it today?
3. Today it is fresh outdoors.
4. Today it is cold outdoors.
5. Today it is hot outdoors.
6. Today it is windy outdoors.
7. Today it is cloudy outdoors.
8. Today it is sunny outdoors.
9. Today it is rainy outdoors.
10. It's a nice morning!
11. It was cloudy this morning.
12. The sky is clear.?
13. The sun is coming out.
14. The weather is getting warmer.
15. It's raining very hard.
16. The strong wind is blowing.
17. I feel terribly cold.
18. It's a fine day, isn't it?
19. The weather is splendid, isn't it?
20. I'm hot.
21. I'm wet through.
22. What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?
23. Tomorrow it will be rainy.
24. Yesterday this tree was struck by lightning.