All Present Tenses

The present tenses in English are used:

There are four present tense forms in English:

Tense Form
Present simple: I work
Present continuous: I am working
Present perfect: I have worked
Present perfect continuous: I have been working

We use these forms:

He works at McDonald’s. He has worked there for three months now.
He is working at McDonald’s. He has been working there for three months now.
London is the capital of Britain.

The next train leaves this evening at 1700 hours.
I’ll phone you when I get home.
He’s meeting Peter in town this afternoon.
I’ll come home as soon as I have finished work.
You will be tired out after you have been working all night.

Make the correct tense.
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1. present simple: (She / win) the competition?

2. present continuous: (She / wait) for the arrival of the train on platfom 9.

3. present perfect: (He / finish) his work and is reading a newspaper.

4. present perfect continuous: (I / live) here for one year.

5. present simple: (Who / like) bitter chocolate?

6. present perfect continuous: (She / study) hard so she is be tired.

7. present simple: (I usually / come) home later?

8. present perfect: (She / hardly catch) the 3:15 train.

9. present continuous: (She / catch) the train by 3pm.

10. present simple: (It / rain) in the autumn.

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11. present perfect: (We / arrive) in Bermuda this week.

12. present continuous :It's 4 am. (John / sleep). He has such a strange habit.

13. present perfect: (I / not / complete) the report yet.

14. present perfect continuous: (How long / you / see) your boyfriend?

15. present perfect: (You / cook) dinner today?

16. present continuous: Don't forget to take your umbrella. (It / rain) cats and dogs.

17. present perfect: (She / sell / already) the house?

18. present simple: (She / not / do) her homework on Sundays.

19. present perfect continuous: (How long / you / work) for this firm?

20. present perfect: (How much / you / money / get?)

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21. present simple: (They / not / be able) to arrive on time.

22. present continuous: (We / speak) French and not English now.

23. present perfect continuous: (He / do) hard work if he is so tired now.

24. present continuous: (She / park) her car to the garage now.

25. future perfect continuous: (They / live) there since 2018.

26. future perfect continuous: (He / not / be happy).

27. present perfect continuous: (Helen / look) for a job for six months already

28. present simple: (You / like / drive) here?

29. present continuous: (She / not / sunbathe) on the beach yet. She is too busy.

30. present perfect continuous: (They / work) all day so I will cook.

31. present continuous: (What time / you / arrive)?

32. present perfect: (He / not / finish) the cleaning by the time she gets home.

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