Audition English-numbers-1

The numberbs in the sentences remain blank. Listen to the question,
try to understand the numbers and write them in terms of figures in the blank space.
The answers are at the bottom of this page.
Example You must be to get a work permit.
1. The attack left more than people dead.
2. The Kenyan Red Cross said Thursday that about others were still missing.
3. In just two days, the communications company collected more than $ for the Kenyan Red Cross.
4. The statue weighs more than tons. Each man is almost tall.
5. On August people marched in Washington for jobs and civil rights. It was the biggest demonstration of its kind.
6. American officials say more than people were killed in the attack, near Damascus.
7. In July of , the government agreed. More than million stamps were produced.
8. On November President Dwight Eisenhower led dedication ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.
9. In , John Bradley died. Felix de Weldon died in . And Joe Rosenthal, in .

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