Audition English-numbers-2

The numberbs in the sentences remain blank. Listen to the question, try to understand the numbers and write them in terms of figures in the blank space. The answers are at the bottom of this page.

Example You must be to get a work permit.
1 On average, men worldwide can expect to live years. Women can expect to live to age .
2 He says the Global Burden of Disease study presents good news overall.
3 Deaths from infections, childbirth-related problems and malnutrition fell about percent to million.
4 This week, a political dispute in Washington led to a partial shutdown of the United States government for the first time in almost years. Agencies sent home more than about of the federal work force (one third = 1/3).
5 The United States has about million veterans. The term "veteran" is not just for those who have served in wars. It describes anyone who has ever been in the military.
6 The United States entered the fighting in Europe in . But the United States armed forces were small. So the government began to draft men between the ages of and .

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