Audition Half in a Sentence

We use the word "half" a lot in our daily lives, referring to 50% of something.
Below is a list of sentences demonstrating how to use "half" in a sentence.
A half sister means a sister who is the daughter of only one of your parents.
We say half of the day or half a day. Either of them is okay.
"A year and a half" (1.5 years) is very commonly used.

Listen and Practice

  1. half an hour (30 minutes)

  2. one and a half hours (1.5 hours)

  3. two and a half hours (2.5 hours)

  4. half a year (six months)

  5. one and a half years (= a year and a half)

  6. two and a half years

  7. half a mile (=a half mile)

  8. half a dozen eggs (=a half dozen eggs, six eggs)

  9. half a million dollars ($500,000)

  10. Half of 100 is 50.

  11. I ate only half of the cake. Where's the other half?

  12. Add two and a half cups of water.

  13. Add one and a half teaspoons of sugar.

  14. Half a loaf is better than no bread, (a proverb)

  15. Jessica is my half sister. We have the same father.

  16. It's half past five. (= It's 5:30.)

  17. The shoes are half price.

  18. The chicken was half cooked. It was terrible.

  19. The first half of the year is from January to June.

  20. According to a recent, American study people spend almost half of the day daydreaming.