Clauses Of Manner
Придаточные предложения образа действия

manner1 manner2

Exercise. Выберите требуемую форму глагола в скобках.

1. Mary was sniffing when I spoke to her on the phone. She sounded as though she (cry) at the time.

were/was crying
to cry

2. You seem very happy today. You seem as though you (just/hear) some good news.

have just heard
just heard
just hear

3. Sarah looked very frightened last night. She looked as if she (see) a ghost.

had seen
has seen

4. She didn't know him, but she acted as if she (know) him.

is knowing

5. What a delicious smell! It smells as if mother (bake) at the moment.

has baked
was baking

6. My boss tells the same jokes all the time and we always laugh as if we (never/hear) them before.

never heard
have never heard
didn't hear

7. Tiana was wearing a beautiful dress last night. She looked as if she (go) to a party.

were/was going
is going

8. My cousin is only twenty-two years old, but sometimes he behaves as though he (be) much older.


9. There was a lot of noise last night. It sounded as if the people next door (have) a party.

were having
have had

10. They must have had an argument because they acted as if they (not/like) each other.

had not liked
did not like
were not liking

11. It's very cold outside today. In fact, it feels as if it (snow).

is snowing

12. Jacky has been very selfish recently. He has been behaving as though he (not/want) to help anyone out.

did not want
not wanted
not wanting

13. Milly didn't study science at university, but sometimes she talks about it as if she (be) an expert on the subject.

has been
to be

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