Clauses Of Purpose
Придаточные предложения цели

Purpose1 Purpose2

Exercise 1. Causes of Purpose. Выберите в предложениях требуемые по смыслу слова.

  1. 1. Не went to the bank get some money.
  2. 2. They walked slowly on the ice not to slip and fall.
  3. 3. She's going to work very hard pass her exams.
  4. 4. We sat near the door we could leave early.
  5. 5. She closed the door quietly to wake her parents.

Exercise 2. Causes of Purpose. Соедините вместе предложения, употребляя слова в скобках.

  1. 1. I've joined a gym. I want to get fit. (to)
    ...I've joined a gym to get fit...
  2. 2. She is learning English. She wants to get a job in England. (so that)
  3. 3. He got a loan from the bank. He wanted to expand his business. (in order to)
  4. 4. He will take some money with him He may want to buy something. (in case)
  5. 5. She wrote the date down in her diary. She didn't want to forget it. (so that)
  6. 6. They arrived at the station early. They didn't want to miss the train. (so as not to)
  7. 7. They took some water with them. It was possible they would get thirsty. (in case)
  8. 8. He put the letter on the table. He wanted his mother to post it. (so that)
  9. 9. The courier came into the office. He wanted to deliver the parcel. (to)
  10. 10. Pamela called the lost property office. She wanted to report the loss of her luggage. (in order to)