Clauses Of Result
Придаточные предложения следствия

result1 result2

Exercise. Clauses of Result. Поставьте вместо пропусков союзы so, such или such a.

  1. 1. A: Why didn't you come to work last week?
    В: I had bad cold that I stayed in bed all week.
  2. 2. A: Are you going to John's party tonight?
    B: No, I have much work to do that I can't go.
  3. 3. A: I really like that new' shop in town.
    B: So do I, but it sells expensive clothes that I never buy anything.
  4. 4. A: I don't want to go out tonight.
    B: Oh, but it's lovely evening that it would be a shame to stay at home.
  5. 5. A: I didn't enjoy that film last night.
    B: Neither did I. It was boring that I almost fell asleep.