Time Clauses
Придаточные предложения времени

timeclause1 timeclause2

Exercise 2. Time Clauses. Выберите правильную форму глагола.
1. When we shopping, I'll buy you something nice.
2. Diana started looking for a new job after she the exam.
3. I always when the alarm clock goes off.
4. When we to the party, we took a gift with us.
5. After I have finished my homework, I a film on TV.
6. I the walls after I had covered all the furniture with old sheets.
7. The children are going to the park. They will have some ice cream while they there.
8. No sooner had she left the building than the fire out.
9. By the time Sam work, it will be dark outside.
10. Jane stayed at the office until she all her work.
11. I usually a book before I go to sleep.
Exercise 3. Time Conjunctions. Составьте правильные предложения из двух частей.
1. He went to university
2. After she had passed her driving test,
3. I'll call you
4. When I heard the news,
5. They had locked all the doors
6. While he was sleeping,
7. Will you wait for me
a) until I'm ready?
b) I couldn't believe it.
c) she bought a new car.
d) after he left school.
e) before they left.
f) as soon as I arrive.
g) somebody broke in.
Exercise 4. Time Conjunctions. Выберите правильные союзы времени.
1. Eugene got married last year. His brother had got married two years .
2. The storm broke the climbers were running for shelter.
3. I expect Paulina will have woken up nine o'clock.
4. We'll stay in the house it stops snowing.
5. I've finished my work, I'll go out.
6. You are welcome to stay in my flat as long you like.
7. Call me you arrive back home.
8. you go to the shop, don't forget to ask for a receipt.
9. He was singing a song he was walking.
Exercise 5. Time Conjunctions. Поставьте вместо пропусков союзы
since, until, while, before, hardly... when, as soon as, when or as long as.
1. I was listening to the radio I heard the news.
2. Sharon waited in the car Sam was filling the petrol tank.
3. I had finished my dinner my friend knocked at the door.
4. I have to do my homework I can go out.
5. You can keep this book you like.
6. Jack has been friends with Paul they were at school together.
7. She fell asleep she closed her eyes.
8. I can't pay the bills my boss gives me my wages.