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Exercise 1

Complete with Who, What, Where, Why, Which, When or How to form meaningful questions.

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Questions: main rules

  1. Ann: Hi. Dan. are you?
  2. Dan: Not bad. was your Christmas? - Ann: Fantastic.
  3. Dan: Oh! did you do? - Ann: I went home for Christmas.
  4. Dan: is your home? - Ann: Scotland.
  5. Dan: long did you go for? - Ann: I spent three worderful weeks there.
  6. Dan: did you leave? - Ann: I left on December 15th.
  7. Dan: did you do in Scotland? - Ann: I saw my family ard friends and visited all my favourite places.
  8. Dan: far is it to Scotland? - Ann: It is five and a half hours by plane.
  9. Dan: airline did you take? - Ann: I took British Airlines.
  10. Dan: didn't you take Europe Airline? - Ann: Because they were booked out.
  11. Dan: did you get back? - Ann: I got back yesterday.
  12. Dan: met you ot the airport? - Ann: My elder brother met me.
  13. Dan: did you do on Christmas Day? - Ann: We had a big party at my parents' house.
  14. Dan: attended the party? - Ann: My whole family came. Everybody was there except for my brother. He couldn't come.
  15. Dan: not? was he? - Ann: He was in another city.
  16. Dan: city was he in? - Ann: He was in Bristol.
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Exercise 2

Complete with Who, What, Where, Why, Which, When or How to form meaningful questions.

Section 1

  1. is your name? - Alex.
  2. were you born? - In Oslo, Norway.
  3. do you live? - In Gainsboro.
  4. is your address? - 12, Apple St., Gainsboro, the UK.
  5. do you like to do? - Play the guitar.
  6. did you meet in the trip? - My old friend.
  7. one do you prefer? Spring or Summer? - Spring.
  8. is your best friend? - Danny Scott.
  9. is your favorite kind of music? - Jazz.
  10. do you like to go? - To the neaby park.
  11. is your favorite sport? Weight lifting.
  12. social networks do you usually use? - TicTok.
  13. are you going to start Spanish? - Next month.
  14. are your best memories? - About my childhood.
  15. type of movie do you like better? Mystery or Comedy? - Mystery
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Section 2

  1. did you decide learning a second language? - Two years ago.
  2. is your favorite food? - Vegetable salad.
  3. do you love? - Mirriam.
  4. is favorite author? - John Galsworthy.
  5. is your favorite subject? - Geography.
  6. country would you like to visit first?
  7. are you going? – To my ofice.
  8. bus did you take? – The one that left at nine sharp.
  9. were you last night? - At my gerlfriend’s.
  10. many interesting places did you go to? - A lot of them.
  11. do you like to do on a free day? - Sleeping or dancing.
  12. do you feel happy? - If I meet vy best friends,
  13. color do you prefer? Blue or Yellow? - Blue.
  14. was your first trip? - About five years ago.
  15. are your keys? - In my coat pocket.
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