Курс разговорного английского (Spoken English) часть 1

1. I understand English a little
2. I am Russian
3. Do you understand?

4. Where is East 52 Street?
5. I would like to
6. Where would you like to eat?

7. I would like some wine
8. What do you want to do?
9. At what time?

10. What time is it?
11. I am going to have dinner
12. How much do l owe you?

13. How many dollars do you have?
14. I don't have any money
15. How many - How much?

16. Can you buy some wine?
17. I have enough money
18. Who is over there?

19. Where do you live?
20. How many children do you have?
21. Where is your girl?

22. Do you have a car?
23. Long-Island is far
24. Is gas expensive in America?

25. Are the department stores open?
26. I am going to work a little
27. My wife wants to leave tomorrow

28. I'm going to Boston
29. What does that mean?
30. What did you do yesterday?