Курс разговорного английского (Spoken English) часть 2

31. We ate at a restaurant
32. Where did you go yesterday?
33. You know Philadelphia, don’t you?

34. Are you here alone?
35. I never drink red wine. - Me too.
36. My collegue is coming to visit

37. Let's take a taxi
38. I often take the subway
39. At what time are they arriving?

40. He would rather stay home
41. The concert starts at eight thirty
42. A cup of coffee with milk

43. Would you like a piece of cake?
44. Have a good trip!
45. The weather is very nice

46. It used to be less expensive
47. How old is he?
48. I have lived there for two years

49. The post office is on the right
50. I never write letters
51. She emails a lot

52. Americans don't drive very fast
53. My car isn't working
54. We can play tennis tomorrow morning

55. At what time are we playing tennis?
56. Have you ever been to Florida?
57. How much is this book?

58. I don't want to fly
59. I’m going to take the train
60. Can you show me the street on the map?