Курс разговорного английского (Spoken English) часть III (61-90)

61. Can you come for dinner next Friday?
62. It never snows there
63. I have some pictures of Mexico City

64. What does your brother do?
65. Where did you learn English?
66. I prefer white wine

67. Can we order a half bottle?
68. Do you want to discuss our trip again?
69. I didn’t have my credit cards with me

70. I can pay for the tickets
71. And she can park in front
72. Let me pay for our lunch

73. It's just around the corner
74. Someone called a few minutes ago
75. She didn’t leave a message

76. She didn’t leave a message
77. Everyone should be there
78. My niece just graduated from college

79. In my opinion
80. She’s taking a trip through the United States
81. I like to drive when there isn’t much traffic

82. They told me just yesterday
83. My husband is upstairs
84. Do you play any sports?

85. He’s always wanted to be a teacher
86. I reserved a room for one night
87. I want to open a checking account

88. I think the conference will be in San Francisco
89. That’s a good question
90. Good luck!