Facts about prepositions audio quiz

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-10 and select the best choice from each list of words a) b), or c).


a noun phrase
a verb phrase


a list with several nouns
a phrase with several words


in, at, by, with, to
and, but, or, so, yet


what, which or why it is
where, when or how it is


a location in space
a moment in time




Who are you going with?
Are you going together?


two or three words
two or three meanings


all at once, for now, after all
next to, in spite of, in order to


He's coming the day after tomorrow.
He's coming today instead of tomorrow.

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1. Prepositions are usually before .
2. In grammar, a "noun phrase" can be a single word like a noun, pronoun or gerund or .
3. Which is a list of common prepositions?
4. Many prepositions show how a noun phrase relates to space, time or method. They tell us .
5. "She was on the last train." In this sentence, the preposition relates to .
6. "We're going to the airport by taxi." Which preposition relates to method, or "how"? .
7. Prepositions can also come at the end of a question, as in .
8. Complex prepositions have .
9. Which is a list of complex prepositions? .
10. In which sentence can you find a complex preposition? .

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