Grammar Possessives Quiz audio

This quiz tests listening comprehension with prepositions and linking words.

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-20 and select the best choice A) B) C) or D).

NOTE: The sound of short whistle indicates the place for your choice.

The attack left more than ______ people dead.
A) 1200
B) 700
C) 900

The attack left more than 700 people dead.


A) Someone / It
B) It / She
C) They / It
D) No one / She


A) his / hers
A) his / hers
C) their / his own
D) hers / her


A) I / his
B) They /theirs
C) You /its
D) We / its


A) Each of / theirs
B) Every / their own
C) Each / himself
D) Everyone / themselves


A) herself / her
B) hers / her own
C) hers / her own
D) her / her own


A) to each other
B) of one's own
C) on their own
D) by herself


A) yourself / it
B) - / their
C) yours / yours
D) your own / those


A) this / you
B) these / your own
C) that / yours
D) those / yourself


A) three months'
B) three months
C) the three months
D) a three months'


A) nothing / something
B) nobody / anybody
C) everybody / nothing
D) no one / somebody

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1. Can you open the door, Mikel? It must be Mrs Morgan. She was going to come this afternoon.
2. Ronny has finished the project, but his sister is still working on hers.
3. We have found a nice flat in the city centre and its rent isn't very high.
4. Every student at our college has a room of their own.
5. She seems to be enjoying herself when she is with her friends.
6. Sometimes everybody may need to be on their own.
7. You yourself waste so much time on the computer, so you can't criticize your kids for doing it.
8. What was the name of that interesting friend of yours from Brighton?
9. Schools open in September after a three months' holiday.
10. Everybody has become so egoistic that nobody cares about anybody these days.


A) a few / it
B) a little / itself
C) many / its
D) a lot of / it's


A) a lot of / none
B) every / all
C) many / both
D) some / neither


A) a lot of / their
B) much / their
C) many / theirs
D) little / theirs


A) little / me
B) few / me
C) much / myself
D) some / my own


A) much / its
B) any / theirs
C) many / their
D) few / they


A) either / none
B) neither / all of
C) both of / neither of
D) each of / either of


A) a lot of / A little
B) many / Every
C) much / Little
D) many / A few


A) himself / all
B) he / each
C) they / one
D) he / every


A) Either / all
B) Both / neither of
C) Neither / each of
D) All / both


A) little / every
B) a little / much
C) much / a few
D) many / a lot of

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11. It might take you a few minutes to finish a meal, but your body digests it in almost 12 hours.
12. I have a lot of friends at school, but none of them has come to my home yet.
13. Watching too much television causes children to lose their imagination.
14. I wasn't planning to stay for more than two days, so I had very little luggage with me.
15. There aren't many pandas left and their number is gradually going down.
16. Richard has two dogs; both of them are too old, so neither of them can walk long distances.
17. You needn't put so many colour pens in your pencil case. A few would be enough.
18. Leonard loves his goldfish so much that he gave each of them a different name.
19. Either you or someone else must check all the tires of the car or else you may have problem in the middle of your journey.
20. We don't have much hope of finding the climbers alive as they have been missing for a few weeks now.