Grammar Prepositions Quiz audio

This quiz tests listening comprehension with prepositions and linking words.

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-20 and select the best choice A) B) C) or D).

NOTE: The sound of short whistle indicates the place for your choice.

The attack left more than ______ people dead.
A) 1200
B) 700
C) 900

The attack left more than 700 people dead.


A) at / into
B) on / out of
C) in / towards
D) by / on


A) through
B) across
C) over
D) among


A) in /from
B) on / by
C) at / on
D) around / in


A) off / in front of
B) down / between
C) along / over
D) up / behind


A) at / -
B) onto / in
C) on / at
D) in / on


A) on / on / until / to / at
B) in / at /to / at / in
C) at / in / to / on / during
D) in / in / till / at / in>


A) As soon as
B) Except for
C) Although
D) Despite


A) such as
B) even though
C) unless
D) in spite of


A) in case
В) until
C) whenever
D) so that


A) in / on
В) at / -
C) to / in
D) on / at

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1. Peter had left his guitar on the bed before he got out of his room.
2. It takes about ten minutes to drive through this tunnel.
3. Our next chemistry class is at 11 o’clock on Tuesday.
4. As the truck was going slowly up the slope, I was driving right behind it.
5. Because he works on a farm, Carl always goes to bed very early and gets up at dawn.
6. Farmers are usually in the fields from early in the morning till late at night in the summer.
7. Although we didn't have many toys when we were kids, we used to enjoy ourselves a lot.
8. I still have a terrible toothache in spite of the drugs I have been taking for days.
9. Melinda never misses the concerts of her favourite band whenever they give one near her hometown.
10. Whether or not you join me, I will be at our neighbour's barbecue party this afternoon.


A) Either / or
B) Both / and
C) Neither / nor
D) Hardly / when>


A) in case
B) so that
C) in addition to
D) in order to


A) both
B) such as
C) what is more
D) since


A) othewise / except
B) apart from / besides
C) unless / as well as
D) as soon as / such as


A) unless
B) apart from
C) like
D) as


A) besides
B) whereas
C) all in all
D) while


A) since
B) so
C) while
D) if


A) above / since
B) next to / for
C) below / when
D) under / whenever


A) Because of / whenever
B) Despite / in case
C) Due to / wherever
D) Like / until


A) due to
B) since
C) because
D) whereas

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11. Neither wealth nor fame makes me happy. I only want my freedom and privacy.
12. My grandfather turned up the volume of the TV in order to hear the news.
13. You can get over diseases such as the common cold without taking any medicine.
14. It is hard to get a good job unless you speak a second foreign language fluently as well as English.
15. The car looked all right apart from a few unimportant scratches.
16. Can you wash the dishes while I am doing the ironing?
17. It was snowing heavily, so we decided to cancel the trip.
18. The Johnsons have been living right above us since I was born.
19. Due to security reasons, you see cameras wherever you go in the city.
20. There is a lot of traffic on the roads due to the high number of people going on holiday these days.