Grammar Questions Quiz audio

This quiz tests listening comprehension with prepositions and linking words.

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-20 and select the best choice A) B) C) or D).

NOTE: The sound of short whistle indicates the place for your choice.

The attack left more than ______ people dead.
A) 1200
B) 700
C) 900

The attack left more than 700 people dead.


A) isn't it
B) haven't they
C) hasn't it
D) does it


A) do they
B) don't you
C) will they
D) aren't you


A) where was the exam
B) what time the exam was
C) when was the exam going to start
D) how long would the exam last


A) do / not
B) don' t / so
C) not / so
D) don't / not


A) isn't it
B) do we
C) can you
D) shall we


A) do you
B) will you
C) won't you
D) don't you


A) whose project has won
B) how did they win
C) who did they give
D) if was it them who won


A) Where
B) How often
C) How long
D) What time


A) Which
B) What
C) Who
D) Which


A) Whose
B) What
C) Who
D) Which

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1. Turkey has a border with Georgia, hasn't it?
2. They never know where you are do they?
3. They hadn't told us what time the exam was.
4. A: Are they going to give the party outdoors?
B: I don' t think so.
5. Let's fix a date for the next match, shall we?
6. Don't make me wait for hours, will you?
7. Have you any Idea whose project has won the first prize?
8. A: How often do you eat out with your husband?
9. Which one do you like better - the one on the left or the one on the right?
10. A: Who helped you to finish the job so quickly?
B: Jack did.


A) How far
B) How often
C) How long
D) How long ago


A) Why
B) Where
C) What
D) When


A) was there
B) weren't there
C) were they
D) wasn't there


A) don't they
B) are they
C) do they
D) aren't they


A) are you
B) do you
C) aren't you
D) won't you


A) don't they
B) will you
C) will they
D) shall we


A) Wasn't
B) Has not
C) Would not
D) Wouldn't


A) How many
B) How much
C) Which
D) What kind of


A) what
B) where
C) how often
D) how much


A) Where
B) When
C) Who
D) Why

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11. A: How long ago did your family start this business?
B: It must have been fifty years ago.
12. A: Where in Turkey do they grow hazelnuts? B: Usually in the Black Sea region.
13. There was nothing you could do for the whole afternoon,was there?
14. They hardly ever take the bus to school, do they?
15. Hand in the report by Friday, won't you?
16. Tell either your father or your mother to come and see me at school tomorrow Denis, will you?
17. Wouldn't it be great if you lived a few minutes' walk from your office?
18. A: How many questions did they get right on the test?
B: Only one of them.
19. Could any of you tell me where they are planning to go this summer?
20. A: Why do you always come to work so late? B: Because I get stuck in the traffic jam every day.