Vocabulary Goods Quiz audio

This quiz tests listening comprehension.

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-20 and select the best choice A) B) C) or D).

NOTE: The sound of short whistle indicates the place for your choice.

The attack left more than ______ people dead.
A) 1200
B) 700
C) 900

The attack left more than 700 people dead.


A) line
B) load
C) range
D) series


A) change
B) expand
C) extend
D) stretch


A) invaluable
B) priceless
C) profitless
D) valueless


A) class
B) make
C) mark
D) style


A) drought
B) exception
C) rarity
D) scarcity


A) by hand
B) by hands
C) by the hand
D) with hands


A) character
B) condition
C) quality
D) virtue


A) ball
B) reel
C) roll
D) spool


A) closed
B) strung
C) wound
D) wrapped


A) need
B) requirement
C) shortage
D) want

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1. That supermarket carries a wide range of goods.
2. The advantage of this new plastic covering is that it will stretch to fit any size of object.
3. The expert said that the stone was not a jewel and was therefore valueless.
4. What make of soap do you buy?
5. The scarcity of strawberries on the market is due to a late frost.
6. This carpet was made by hand that is why it is so expensive.
7. This cloth is of good quality but it is not expensive.
8. We made a wooden toy with an empty cotton reel and some glue.
9. The butcher cut some pork, wrapped it up and handed it to me.
10. There is a shortage of grain in our country at the moment.


A) brew
B) cook
C) distill
D) stew


A) aneient
B) antique
C) elderly
D) old-fashioned


A) away with
B) down
C) off
D) out of


A) articles
B) commodities
C) materials
D) stocks




A) assemble
B) compose
C) form
D) make


A) birthday
B) cream
C) hot
D) wedding


A) article
B) productions
C) projects
D) products


A) accelerates
B) gains
C) increases
D) speeds


A) by mail order
B) by productions
C) by propaganda
D) on posters

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Here are correct answers:

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11. That is where they distill whisky.
12. That shop sells antique clothes, but they are well-made.
13. We've run out of sugar. Ask Mrs Helpful to lend us some.
14. Grain and coffee are major trading commodities.
15. When 1 pointed out that there was a small crack in one of the glasses, the shop gave me a 15% reduction on the set.
16. That old vase will make an attractive lamp-holder.
17. This fantastic new gadget has been selling like hot cakes.
18. Mr Critical assured me that he never bought products that were advertised on TV.
19. I must take this watch to be repaired; it gains over ten minutes a day.
20. New products are announced to the public on posters.

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