Vocabulary advanced audio quiz-3

This quiz tests listening comprehension with some English widely used words.

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-20 and select the best choice A) B) C) D) or E).

NOTE: The sound of short whistle indicates the position in the sentence to insert your choice.


A) supremely
B) carried out
C) emphatically
D) intensely
E) indefinitely
We will have to hire more workers soon; we can’t put it off .



A) resistance
B) risk
C) denial
D) scheme
E) condition


A) breaks
B) deducts
C) converts
D) destroys
E) collaborates


A) vulnerable
B) nutritious
C) preferable
D) preventive
E) detrimental


A) fit in with
B) clear out
C) put up with
D) make out
E) take after


A) got off
B) found out
C) let down
D) taken down
E) worked out


A) took over
B) made up
C) looked through
D) put off
E) found out


A) title
B) edition
C) section
D) print
E) manuscript


A) often
B) immediately
C) almost
D) fairly
E) quite


A) put up with
B) looked down
C) turned off
D) filled in
E) dealt with

A) insignificant
B) invalid
C) insufficient
D) involuntary
E) inadequate


A) applying
B) replacing
C) agreeing
D) holding
E) seeking


A) resistant
B) reliable
C) convenient
D) reluctant
E) indifferent


A) recovery
B) supply
C) extinction
D) exploitation
E) decline


A) randomly
B) slowly
C) successfully
D) carefully
E) nearly


A) expected
B) suspected
C) wondered
D) improved
E) rejected


A) uniformly
B) formerly
C) mentally
D) constantly
E) equally


A) made for
B) taken up
C) ruled out
D) put off
E) turned back


A) put out of
B) brought up to
C) made up for
D) played down to
E) shown up to


A) phase
B) liability
C) level
D) supply
E) policy

Correct answers % =

Here are correct answers:

Show/Hide Audio Script 1-20 1. The main focus of the study that will be by a multidisciplinary team will be the genes and proteins of organisms within the context of their informational pathways or networks.
2. During the measles epidemic, it was observed that the disease had developed a to certain drugs that had once been effective.
3. Our metabolism most of the carbohydrates we have either into glucose or into glycogen.
4. It is a fact that moderate amounts of sugar are usually not harmful but, taken in excess, sugar can be to our health.
5. In his fiction, William Faulkner uses a complex literary style that seems to his intricate themes of good and evil.
6. The government has a set of new policies and measures which are designed to combat violence in big towns.
7. The judge quickly his notes before sentencing the accused.
8. When Shakespeare died in Stradford in 1660, no collected of his plays had been published.
9. British supermarkets have more political influence than any other corporate sector in Britain.
10. Several international treaties and conferences have the prohibition of chemical warfare.
11. Reflex behaviour is ; it arises automatically in response to an appropriate stimulus.
12. To increase its exports, the company is highly motivated professionals with experience in international trade.
13. Iron is one of the most abundant minerals and the most to weathering.
14. Water and air pollution could one day endanger the world's of oxygen.
15. The physicians are pleased with the progress the patient is making, and she may leave the hospital tomorrow.
16. When he referred in his speech to "biocomplexity", most of the audience were surprised and what that word meant.
17. No plan is ever perfect, and strategists are trying to refine their plans for future technological innovations.
18. The proposal put forward by the research assistant was immediately by the committee and the studies will shortly go into effect.
19. Over one million wheat farmers in France have been business following the import of heavily subsidised wheat from Italy.
20. If the of profits falls in one area of activity, entrepreneurs may move their resources to an industry where the returns are higher.

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