Vocabulary advanced audio quiz-4

This quiz tests listening comprehension with some English widely used words.

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-20 and select the best choice A) B) C) D) or E).

NOTE: The sound of short whistle indicates the position in the sentence to insert your choice.


A) opposite
B) growth
C) share
D) rate
E) decrease
When births outnumber deaths, the population increases; when the occurs, then it falls.


A) spills
B) costs
C) repairs
D) drills
E) crews


A) matches
B) elaborates
C) complies
D) resumes
E) accomplishes


A) annual
B) minimal
C) essential
D) ultimate
E) recurrent


A) took after
B) got off
C) turned up
D) made up
E) showed off


A) crucial
B) inexpensive
C) adamant
D) subversive
E) subsequent


A) run through
B) cope with
C) put out
D) take down
E) look over


A) hurried on
B) sent away
C) found out
D) seen to
E) put out


A) put out
B) taken out
C) held in
D) burst into
E) cast aside


A) fell off
B) was taken into account
C) was held out
D) got out of hand
E) broke up


A) rely on
B) run through
C) take over
D) watch out for
E) send for


A) make out
B) turn out
C) turn over
D) find out
E) take up


A) watch out
B) look up
C) break through
D) take over
E) go through


A) taken up
B) run over
C) turned out
D) made out
E) carried on


A) watch out for
B) put through
C) keep up with
D) made up
E) pull through


A) borne down
B) made for
C) taken out
D) zoned for
E) checked with


A) catch sight of
B) make room for
C) lose track of
D) take part in
E) set sail to


A) held out
B) got about
C) rested on
D) sorted out
E) worn of


A) dry up
B) run up
C) back off
D) drop off
E) lay over


A) looked down upon
B) cut down on
C) fit up to
D) got away with
E) come up against


A) set up
B) stood for
C) stepped down
D) got over
E) broke up

Correct answers % =

Here are correct answers:

Show/Hide Audio Script 1-20 1. From the report released today, it appears that oil tankers suffer their major on their return journeys.
2. It is plain that the United Nations will not lift the sanctions unless the Iraqi government fully with the Security Council resolutions.
3. When the chairman tried to explain his views to the shareholders at the general meeting, he was shouted down by them with cries of “Resign!”.
4. The Jewish immigrants, who the boat in England, formed the bulk of the ethnic groups arriving in a country historically wary of foreigners.
5. Progress in materials research is to overcoming such problems as the finiteness of the world’s resources and possible shortages of strategic materials.
6. I don’t know how we are going to the expected surge of immigrants into the country.
7. He was rather when he learned that his proposal had been turned down.
8. At the board meeting, his suggestion was as it seemed politically controversial.
9. Despite the gusty wind, they were able to put out the fire before it .
10. Following the bomb explosion in the shopping centre, the police have been warning people to any suspicious-looking parcels.
11. I can’t the signature of the oil paint, but it has been signed.
12. Before I send this article to the editor, I would be grateful if you could it for me.
13. I had my doubts about her when I took her on, but now I’m pleased to say that she has to be a talented executive.
14. The operation weakened him, but he’ll shortly now that he knows he is coming out of the hospital.
15. If a part of the city is residential use, no one may build a factory there.
16. One of the disadvantages of growing older is that you never seem to have the pportunity to all of the sports you would like to.
17. Aristotelianism a geocentric view of the universe and dealt with nature in qualitative rather than quantitative terms.
18. No one knows when the oil wells of the world will , but what is certain is that before they do, alternative sources of energy must be developed.
19. The Congress have a big problem in their economic policy: the unions won’t cooperate, and management doesn’t approve of what they are trying to do.
20. The manager who was said to have revealed the plans so as to get financial benefit after the criticism from the shareholders.

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