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This quiz tests listening comprehension with some English widely used words.

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-20 and select the best choice A) B) C) or D).

NOTE: The sound of short whistle indicates the position in the sentence to insert your choice.

A) looked up
B) taken in
C) run over
D) made up
I was astonished to learn how such an experienced man as Dr Robinson could be by her tricks.


A) arms
B) hands
C) hair
D) heads


A) knee
B) chest
C) lips
D) tongue


A) mouth
B) elbow
C) nose
D) neck


A) fingers
B) shoulder
C) hair
D) sole


A) waist
B) lips
C) teeth
D) thumb


A) in
B) at
C) on
D) by


A) for
B) to
C) with
D) of


A) on
B) in
C) with
D) to


A) in
B) with
C) on
D) off


A) on
B) at
C) with
D) by


A) television
B) picture
C) radio
D) photo


A) television
B) radio
C) type
D) film


A) shelter
B) bookcase
C) armchair
D) carpet


A) station
B) road
C) stop
D) corner


A) railings
B) signs
C) crossing
D) lights


A) cross-road
B) crossing
C) crosser
D) road


A) box
B) park
C) litter-bin
D) pavement


A) freezes
B) blows
C) shines
D) rains


A) rains
B) freezes
C) blows
D) snows


A) snows
B) blows
C) freezes
D) is cold

Correct answers % =

Here are correct answers:

Show/Hide Audio Script 1-20
1. We pick things up with our .
2. I lick an ice-cream with my .
3. To eat something I put it in my .
4. We comb and brush our .
5. I brush my regularly, especially after eating.
6. I sometimes go to school bus.
7. She waited the bus in the bus stop.
8. She has got a yellow dress .
9. Who is the man she is speaking ?
10. I remember her. She was the one green shoes.
11. I watch while I am sitting on the sofa.
12. I sometimes listen to the .
13. I keep my books in a / an .
14. We stand in a bus to wait for a bus.
15. The cars wait until the traffic turn green.
16. You can cross the road at a .
17. We should put waste paper in a .
18. We get wet when it .
19. When it is very cold, everything .
20. Children enjoy playing games when it .

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