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This quiz tests listening comprehension with some English widely used words.

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-20 and select the best choice A) B) C) or D).

NOTE: The sound of short whistle indicates the position in the sentence to insert your choice.

A) burglar
B) thief
C) robber
D) blackmailer
He received another letter from the demanding more money.


A) bed
B) wash-basin
C) wardrobe
D) tiles


A) sheets
B) blanket
C) bath
D) pillow


A) bed
B) sink
C) bath
D) toilet


A) blanket
B) clothes
C) watch
D) light


A) blanket
B) clothes
C) bed
D) households


A) school
B) breakfast
C) bed
D) sofa


A) bed
B) desk
C) window
D) stool


A) stool
B) armchair
C) sofa
D) vase


A) be
B) leave
C) stay
D) go


A) road
B) bridge
C) waterfall
D) farm


A) lake
B) picture
C) weather
D) man


A) picture
B) wall
C) sofa
D) curtains


A) vase
B) wall
C) door
D) curtain


A) air
B) world
C) day


A) winter
B) spring
C) fall
D) summer


A) winter
B) spring
C) fall
D) summer


A) meal
B) ice-cream
C) fruit juice
D) marmalade


A) money
B) penny
C) treasure
D) nothing


A) work
B) read
C) write
D) understand


A) shut
B) close
C) lock
D) hit

Correct answers % =

Here are correct answers:

Show/Hide Audio Script 1-20
1. We keep shirts and underwear in the .
2. I sleep with my head on the .
3. I wash my hands in the .
4. I take my off before I go to bed.
5. I put an extra on my bed.
6. I go to at midnight.
7. He sat on the in the cafe.
8. Choose the word which is out of the logic list.
9. We always at the hotel when we go abroad.
10. Bob passes over the on his way to school.
11. Continue the logic list. valley, forest, mountain, .
12. I can see the sunshine behind the . 13. The picture is on the .
14. The is cloudy today.
15. It is always cold in .
16. The longest holiday for students is in . 17. Do you want to drink ?
18. I haven’t got even a on me.
19. The more you , the more you earn.
20. She told him to the door, so that no one could enter.

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