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This quiz tests listening comprehension with some English widely used words.

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-20 and select the best choice A) B) C) D) or E).

NOTE: The sound of short whistle indicates the position in the sentence to insert your choice.

A) such as
B) even so
C) in case
D) just as
E) so far as
I was forced to admit that there was a drop in sales towards the end of the year he had predicted.


A) unless
B) if
C) even when
D) before
E) after


A) expecting
B) hoping
C) excepting
D) waiting
E) accepting


A) custom
B) usage
C) tradition
D) habit
E) institution


A) as
B) nor
C) only if
D) so
E) though


A) buy from
B) owe
C) borrow
D) own to
E) lend from


A) why
B) even if
C) whose
D) the reason
E) about whom


A) the same as
B) the opposite of
C) unlike
D) similar to
E) different from


A) joke
B) funny
C) puzzling
D) comical
E) humour


A) publisher
B) journalism
C) press
D) reporter
E) literature


A) sightseeing
B) travel
C) vocation
D) trip
E) excursion


A) epidemic
B) disease
C) recovery
D) complaint
E) illness


A) keen
B) friendly
C) fond
D) likeable
E) romantic


A) too
B) as well
C) neither
D) either
E) though


A) single
B) self
C) alone
D) own
E) lonely


A) single
B) thorough
C) infinite
D) entirely
E) valid


A) Inflation
B) Presence
C) Lack
D) Being absent
E) Limit


A) effort
B) comfort
C) support
D) import
E) afford


A) playwright
B) scenery
C) cast
D) stage
E) acts


A) regulate
B) mean
C) determine
D) develop
E) reduce


A) excite
B) erupt
C) kick
D) expand
E) stimulate

Correct answers % =

Here are correct answers:

Show/Hide Audio Script 1-20
1. Certain serious diseases can be successfully treated detected in an initial stage.
2. I'm an answer within a few days.
3. Keeping a diary is no doubt quite a useful personal .
4. She failed to get anyone to repair the taps for her at the weekend, could she do it on her own.
5. How much do I you?
6. Despite my insistence, Donald didn’t tell me he didn’t like me and my family.
7. The body structure of zebras is that of donkeys.
8. Do be serious, please. This isn't a .
9. The today is full of the news of the incident.
10. I'm going to take a abroad next summer.
11. He was told by the doctors that he would need quite a long period of rest after such a serious .
12. I wouldn't say I am deeply in love with her, but I'm very of her.
13. Your father should not put so much pressure on you. He must not choose your friends, . 14. He's travelling by himself. In other words, he's on his .
15. This whole place needs a cleaning. It's in a terrible state. It's in a terrible mess.
16. of money prevented us from taking a holiday abroad this year.
17. Sorry, it's much too expensive for me; I can't it.
18. The of the play included a famous Greek film star.
19. We'll have to hold a more detailed examination to the exact nature of the tumour, said the doctor.
20. The volcano is expected to any day now.

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