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This quiz tests listening comprehension with some English widely used words.

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-20 and select the best choice A) B) C) D) or E).

NOTE: The sound of short whistle indicates the position in the sentence to insert your choice.

A) go down with
B) keep in touch with
C) make up for
D) take no notice of
E) take part in
My parents are taking me to the theatre this evening to my being ill when they had a party last week.


A) astonished
B) frightened
C) terrifying
D) frightening
E) escaping


A) spend
B) purchase
C) waste
D) spare
E) afford


A) threaten
B) urge
C) warn
D) accuse
E) awaken


A) possess
B) receive
C) own
D) reward
E) contribute


A) experiment
B) experience
C) inexperience
D) experiments
E) experimentation


A) is survived
B) had wounded
C) were killed
D) were injured
E) has survived


A) burglars
B) blackmailers
C) pickpockets
D) robbers
E) trespassers


A) price / Prices
B) fare / Fares
C) receipt / Receipts
D) fee / Fees
E) prize / Prizes


A) knowledge
B) messages
C) advertisement
D) information
E) promotion


A) seems
B) presents
C) happens
D) acts
E) prevents


A) shameful
B) ashamed
C) shame
D) shameless
E) shyness


A) waiting anxiously
B) looking forward
C) getting disappointed
D) expecting eagerly
E) hoping cheerful


A) apologize
B) advice
C) devise
D) practise
E) advise


A) cover
B) secret
C) hide
D) hinder
E) prevent


A) falldown
B) breakdown
C) countdown
D) downfall
E) upside down


A) applied
B) been appointed
C) approved
D) advertised
E) addressed


A) protect
B) present
C) provide
D) preserve
E) preside


A) laid
B) lay
C) lain
D) lied
E) was laying


A) spinsters
B) fathers-in-law
C) bachelors
D) brothers-in-law
E) brides


A) adapt
B) act
C) imitate
D) alter
E) adopt

Correct answers % =

Here are correct answers:

Show/Hide Audio Script 1-20
1. As a child, he used to be of the dark.
2. I can't to have a holiday abroad on my present salary.
3. His friends and associates had tried to him of the risks involved in working with offshore banks, but he never listened to them.
4. The winner of the competition will a surprise prize, to be presented by the Minister himself.
5. People with no previous need not apply.
6. What an irony of fate! One of the two German tourists who in last week's plane crash on the Taurus Mountains has lost his life in a car accident in Poland.
7. We were held up by a band of just before we were to cross the river.
8. Choosing a lawyer by the size of the may not be a good idea. , whether high or low, do not always indicate the competence of an attorney.
9. I know of a website where you can find all the you need about the hotels in that area.
10. Don't forget to let me know if anything unusual on the way.
11. It's a to see him so completely ignored by his former friends and associates.
12. I'm to hearing from you soon. 13. Would you accept my ?
14. You don't think you can these facts from the public forever, do you?
15. How many times must I repeat this? I'm late because I had a on my way here.
16. So far, some fifty people have for the two vacancies we have.
17. Have you any idea as to who's going to over the meeting?
18. She on the beach while her son splashed at the water's edge.
19. When two sit talking, their conversation soon becomes focused on women.
20. When you are in Rome, you'll have to yourself to the ways and customs of the Romans.

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