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This quiz tests listening comprehension with some English widely used words.

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-20 and select the best choice A) B) C) D) or E).

NOTE: The sound of short whistle indicates the position in the sentence to insert your choice.

A) close down
B) make out
C) sort out
D) force out
E) do with
Apparently the drop in farm incomes had nothing to the introduction of modern farming methods.


A) invaluable
B) valueless
C) worthless
D) unworthy
E) unprofitable


A) order
B) business
C) work
D) employment
E) job


A) produce
B) reduce
C) clarify
D) hasten
E) climb


A) place
B) effect
C) post
D) part
E) position


A) discover
B) constitute
C) find
D) perform
E) invent


A) affects
B) defects
C) suspects
D) effects
E) reflects


A) falling
B) losing
C) departing
D) dropping
E) missing


A) containing
B) fastening
C) involving
D) including
E) combining


A) dessert
B) descend
C) avoid
D) desert
E) deserve


A) alertness
B) nobility
C) disobedience
D) caution
E) alliance


A) harbour
B) rumour
C) tumour
D) labour
E) humour


A) support
B) bear
C) think of
D) hold
E) carry


A) distract
B) obstruct
C) arrest
D) inhibit
E) encourage


A) tranquil
B) peaceful
C) responsible
D) hostile
E) prosperous


A) enormous
B) tremendous
C) intellectual
D) malignant
E) wise


A) maintenance
B) accessories
C) repairing
D) license plate
E) running


A) spoilt
B) damaged
C) humorous
D) scornful
E) impulsive


A) reveal
B) react
C) reverse
D) restore
E) repair


A) elevated
B) emphasized
C) modified
D) evaluated
E) discarded


A) movie
B) country
C) forest
D) river
E) zoo

Correct answers % =

Here are correct answers:

Show/Hide Audio Script 1-20 1. I'm now going to give you 10 tips for running a really successful website.
2. Well, they were both in perfect running order only this morning, but this one is now definitely out of . You'll have to use the other one.
3. The doctors tried everything they could to the patient's headache.
4. His new appointment takes from the beginning of next month.
5. It needed the collective genius of mankind to the wheel.
6. Further research is needed to find out what side this pill has on a person's digestive system.
7. I noticed that there were two buttons from his coat.
8. The main road through the tunnel was blocked all day yesterday due to an accident two lorries.
9. As he hated every minute of his life in the army, it is no wonder that he decided one day to his unit.
10. He was dismissed from the service for his insistent .
11. It is no injustice to say that the sense of a person has is closely bound up with his cultural background.
12. I love you. I can't the thought of ever losing you.
13. You seem to have developed a of extracurricular interests which you from your studies.
14. It was a good piece of land. They got quite by using it to cultivate the much-needed industrial plants.
15. I don't think that was a very decision. The people are bound to rise up against it in arms.
16. These figures should give you a rough idea as to the cost of a sports car.
17. Grandma has no authority over the children and lets them do anything they like. They're completely , as a result.
18. I tried to the car, but I couldn't see very well what was behind me.
19. Later models were slightly , but the original design remained the same on the whole.
20. Only a few of them felt like going to the that night, didn’t they?

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