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This quiz tests listening comprehension with some English widely used words.

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-10 and select the best choice A) B) C) D) or E).

NOTE: The sound of short whistle indicates the position in the sentence to insert your choice.

A) eventually
B) likely
C) especially
D) indispensably
E) favourably
The United Kingdom has made significant contributions to the world economy, in technology and industry.


A) foreigner
B) customer
C) tourist
D) stranger
E) immigrant


A) buy from
B) pay for
C) borrow from
D) own for
E) lend to


A) windy
B) hot
C) foggy
D) cold
E) cloudy


A) press
B) publisher
C) reporter
D) literature
E) journalism


A) laughing
B) smiling
C) joking
D) funny
E) serious


A) single
B) self
C) alone
D) own
E) lonely


A) national
B) global
C) international
D) universal
E) regional


A) burglar
B) thief
C) pickpocket
D) robber
E) blackmailer


A) fare
B) price
C) cost
D) prize
E) fee


A) inform
B) define
C) memorize
D) describe
E) discover

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Here are correct answers:

Show/Hide Audio Script 1-10
1. Excuse me. I'm a(n) in this neighbourhood. Can you tell me what number bus will take me to the town center, please? I want to do some shopping.
2. How much must I a good second-hand car?
3. It's getting quite . I think it's going to rain soon.
4. Today the is full of the news of yesterday's concert.
5. It's a very picture. I laugh at it all the time.
6. Nobody gave him a hand. He did it on his .
7. GNP stands for "gross product". 8. He received another letter from the demanding more money.
9. "How much is the ?" she asked the bus conductor.
10. Come to Turkland, and all these places where history lives on.

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