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This quiz tests listening comprehension with some English widely used words.

Instructions: Listen to each audio 1-10 and select the best choice A) B) C) or D).

NOTE: The sound of short whistle indicates the position in the sentence to insert your choice.

A) produce
B) reduce
C) clarify
D) hasten
E) climb
The doctors tried everything they could to the patient's blood pressure.


D) viewers
B) visitors
C) onlookers
D) viewers
E) sightseers


A) sightseeing
B) vacation
C) trip
D) luggage
E) holiday


A) keen
B) friendly
C) fond
D) likeable
E) romantic


A) inflation
B) presence
C) shortage
D) absence
E) border


A) help
B) stand
C) forgive
D) export
E) afford


A) remembered
B) refused
C) memorised
D) requested
E) mentioned


A) laugh
B) hate
C) discuss
D) knock
E) react


A) describe
B) discover
C) teach
D) joke with
E) think about


A) dream
B) hesitate
C) shame
D) repeat
E) frighten


A) out of
B) aside
C) off
D) down
E) out

Correct answers % =

Here are correct answers:

Show/Hide Audio Script 1-10
1. There are a lot more television today than there were some twenty years ago.
2. How was your back?
3. FATHER: "Tell me. Do you love him or not?"
DAUGHTER: "Well, I'm very of him."
4. Yes, we certainly want to move to a bigger house, but our of money is only part of the problem.
5. Sorry, it's much too expensive for me; I can't it.
6. His friends advised him to see a doctor about his headaches, but he to listen to them.
7. How did they when they heard the price?
8. It takes a lot of patience to hyperactive children because of their low level of concentration.
9. Don't to call me if you need help.
10. The concert was called because of the heavy rain.

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